British Carriages Cross Over to America

During the past 33 years Bellcrown has gained a well-established international reputation as a leading carriage line for equines of all sizes and breeds. Begun in England in 1980, Bellcrown's particular has always been lightweight and simple designs that are especially great for mini-horses, ponies, donkeys, and small horses.

Made in America

Due to the increasing popularity of the Bellcrown carriages in the USA, we at Carriage Machine began the production of these proven British designs in our Bird-in-Hand facility in 2006. By manufacturing them stateside, we offered reduced delivery times, better prices and exceptional local customer service.

For the past five years we have been the sole owners and manufacturers of the Bellcrown line. We are equipped to produce the carriages to the highest standards using modern technology and the finest engineering materials.

Superide Suspension

All Bellcrown carriages incorporate Superide™ independent torsion suspension that allows for excellent comfort on or off the road. Plus, the axle position can easily be adjusted for perfect balance. This is another way to provide maximum comfort for the equine, whip, and passengers.

Easy to Dismantle

An outstanding feature of our two-wheeled Bellcrown carriages is the fact that they are easily dismantled. This solves many transport and storage problems for owners of these carriages. Amazingly enough, the two-wheeled carriages are engineered so that they fit into the back of a station wagon or SUV, eliminating the need for pulling a trailer.

Enjoy the exciting New World on board a Bellcrown carriage!