The Bellcrown Badger is a popular carriage with the shafts extending out of the carriage above the toe board. A wider shaft socket can be added as an option to provide more bending capabilities for the horse while turning. Other upgrades are available to give the Badger a sharp and classy look. It is a great carriage that offers comfort and safety for on and off road driving.

Available in sizes to fit 11.2 to 15.2 hh 
Approx. 143 lbs.

Included in base price:

  • Small aluminum hubcaps
  • Double seat
  • Standard seat pedestal side panels
  • Pair of standard shafts
  • Tubular splashboard
  • Plain vinyl or imitation cord upholstery
  • Choice of wheel paint color

Rear view

Side view

At Upper Pond Stable in Litchfield, Maine, Deborah Rice and her Icelandic horse, Ljoma, receive an advanced driving skills lesson from Driving Instructor Jocelyn Deschene. Deborah's Bellcrown Badger Special has a modified front end allowing entry directly from a wheelchair. She says, "Carriage Machine was wonderful in working with me to adapt the basic design to accommodate my needs." (Driver is Deborah Rice - Passenger is Driving Instructor Jocelyn Deschene - Photograph by Mark Krawec - Purchased in 2010 from Carriage Machine)

Lydia Fisher with her Connemara Cross horse, Ledger, gives a salute in her first ever competition at the Glen Willow CDE. Lydia found that her Bellcrown Badger has great versatility and does the job. She placed 6th in the training level for an excellent start in competitive driving. (Photo by PICS OF YOU)

(Driver is Lucia Owens - Photograph by James B. Owen, FRPS)

(Driver is David Maurer - Photograph by Dr. Carrie MacWhorter, Pharm.D.)