Introducing a new carriage for 2013, the Bellcrown Focus is designed specifically for marathons, though extendable axles allow it to be used for cones also. We offer this light, yet strong vehicle so that your focus can be on winning the course with excellent stability and speed. It has independent shaft suspension, a sliding seat unit, disc brakes on the rear, and choice of colors for your carriage and upholstery. 
With the creation of the Focus, we are answering the need for an American-made vehicle for drivers and grooms who compete in marathons. Over the years, trainers have been bringing requests to us and these are now components of the Focus.

Available in sizes to fit 12 to 15 hh 
Approx. 340 lbs.

Included in base price:

  • Fits pony-size, cob-size, and full-size horses
  • Independent suspension
  • Disc brakes
  • Torsion suspension in the back
  • Platform spring suspension in the front
  • 1 ½″ wide solid tires
  • Balance between strong and light
  • Driver's wedge, adjustable front and back
  • Fixed back step
  • Small aluminum hubcaps
  • Pair of closed loop / teardrop-style shafts
  • Independent shafts with wide shaft socket / long swingletree
  • Tubular splashboard
  • Plain vinyl or imitation cord upholstery
  • Choice of wheel paint color

Optional dickey seat

Optional extendable rear axle

In the Little Everglades International CDE held in Dade City, FL, Fiona Lindsay Delfino placed third in dressage in February 2013. She is a therapeutic riding instructor with HOPE - HOrses Helping PEople, Inc. The Bellcrown Focus and SF Uzanne, a horse owned by Joseph Delfino, make a handsome pair. (Driver is Fiona Lindsay Delfino - Photograph by PICS OF YOU - Purchased from Carriage Machine)

A mother and daughter team, Phoebe and Lydia Fisher, compete together for the first time in the marathon at the Glen Willow Combined Driving Event. It was held in Avondale, PA on September 6-8, 2013. Their Bellcrown Focus was custom made a month earlier and proved to be a solid and sturdy carriage, in addition to being comfortable and easy to use. (Driver is Lydia Fisher - Navigator is Phoebe Fisher - Photograph by PICS OF YOU - Purchased from Carriage Machine)