The Bellcrown Phantom is one of our popular carriages that has some of the best features we offer. Its winding axle balance and comfortable ride make the Phantom an ideal choice for all driving disciplines: from leisure driving to pleasure showing to combined driving events. A nice option is that the traditionally shaped seat pedestal panels are removable and interchangeable.

Available in sizes to fit 11 to 16 hh 
Approx. 198 lbs.

Included in base price:

  • Mesh basket under seat
  • Extendable axle to 138 cm
  • Footsteps / Tree guards
  • Small aluminum hubcaps
  • Double seat
  • Standard seat pedestal back and side panels
  • Pair of standard shafts
  • Standard splashboard panel
  • Plain vinyl or imitation cord upholstery
  • Choice of wheel paint color

Pursuing her life-long dream of carriage driving, Linda VavRosky enjoys springtime near Clearwater River in the Lewiston, ID area with her Curly Horse named Legacy hitched to her Bellcrown Phantom. (Driver is Linda VavRosky - Photograph by Mike VavRosky)

Clearwater Canyon near Lewiston, ID provides the setting for a wintry drive for Linda VavRosky and her Curly Horse named Legacy to her Bellcrown Phantom. "My husband Mike and I discovered the American Curly Horse in the 1990s in an advertisement for a hypoallergenic horse. Due to Mike's life-threatening allergies, we had thought he could never be around horses again." Mike and Linda had a Curly Horse breeding business called Creekside Curlies for a decade and today concentrate on training suitable driving horses. A Curly Horse's hair coat can range from tight curls to loose marvel waves. They are smart, quick to learn, user friendly, kind, and love and bond deeply with their owners. (Driver is Linda VavRosky - Photograph by Mike VavRosky)

Linda VavRosky and her Curly Horse named Legacy to her Bellcrown Phantom.

Fiona Lindsay Delfino in a BC Phantom (Photo by PICS OF YOU)

Clyde Canino of Capitol Park Farm in Lafayette, CO and Little Bella, his Welsh Mountain pony, make a wonderful team for their Bellcrown Phantom. Little Bella went for long walks with Clyde after his heart attack and Clyde helped his pony rehabilitate from tooth extraction and sinus cleanout. Clyde's 30 years as a polo trainer have ended due to dementia, but he can still drive and compete with Little Bella and Jack Bloss' help. (Driver is Clyde Canino - Groom is Jack Bloss - Purchased in 2013 from Jack Bloss of Rocky Mountain Carriage & Harness Sales, Longmont, Colorado)

Clyde Canino of Capitol Park Farm in Lafayette, CO and Little Bella, his Welsh Mountain pony.

In 1996 Jeri Miller purchased her new Bellcrown Super Bantam Deluxe through Martin Johnson from England. Through the years Jeri's Paint horses excelled in their Bellcrown. The older gelding was the number one Paint horse in the nation two years in a row and the younger one was a two-time World Champion. Here Jeri is driving Honky Tonk Cowboy. (Driver is Jeri Miller - Photograph by Shane Miller - Purchased from United States Bellcrown Dealer Pat Kimura) - *A similar carriage is presently available as the Bellcrown Phantom.)

(Driver is Markie Blom)

The pneumatic wheels on Sarah Ladd’s Phantom are perfect for the off road driving that she does on her farm named Elveplassen, which means place by the river in Norwegian. She recommends her well-made cart for safety reasons. “You get what you pay for.” Driver is Sarah Ladd - Purchased in 2014 from Carriage Machine Shop

Riding past the stone henge in Middleboro, Nova Scotia, Sarah Ladd’s Norwegian Fjord mare Misha was the “Belle of the Ball” in her Bellcrown Phantom. The Nova Scotia Driving Society clinic was hosted by Gillian Allan, IOB, Equine Canada, NCPP Coach and her husband Nigel, of Wallace River Equestrian Centre. Sarah loves the Phantom’s adjustable axle that allows her to disassemble it so that it fits into the back of her SUV. She says her Phantom is, “Elegant enough for show; tough enough for everyday cross country drives.” Driver is Sarah Ladd - Photograph by Heather Weatherhead - Passenger is Paul Lindsay, a visitor from Middle Stewiacke, Nova Scotia - Purchased in 2014 from Carriage Machine Shop